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Business Networking Events in Tameside

Networking4Business were the first to introduce ‘no nonsense’ business networking with our Simply Networking Manchester events.

Simply Networking Tameside provides business to business networking events with no membership fees, no commitments, no distractions, no pressure to give referrals, no hidden agendas and no pressure to public speak.

Simply Networking enables you to meet many other businesses in a relaxed informal setting and in a short space of time.The events attract a large and diverse amount of delegates and business gets done at and after each event. We do insist business is done with a smile!

Our events cost only £10 each, providing a cost effective, enjoyable way to find new business.

Would your company benefit from extra business? Our events bring:

  • Opportunities of new business
  • Opportunities to meet new business contacts, leads, clients, customers
  • Help get rid of the need to cold call
  • Provide opportunities to promote your services/products
  • Enable you to meet owners or decision makers from many other businesses
  • Allow you to share and gain knowledge, expertise and contacts
  • Give an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with others
  • Meet potential service providers
  • Form strategic alliances

Interested? If you want to experience our motto of 'Let's Do Business With A Smile' then contact us:

Contact : Mark Greenwood

Contact Number:0870 382 1699

Email Address:

Web Site:

Networking4Business are a business to business networking group who aim to provide businesses with the opportunity to mix with many other businesses. The difference with our evening events is that they are held in a relaxing environment, with excellent food and with a social twist, although we do not forget that the events are about business.

Our motto of 'let's do business with a smile' cannot describe our evening events any better. The beauty of them is that there are no annual membership fees, no commitment or pressure. You simply 'pay as you go.'

The events themselves give you the opportunity to meet many potential business contacts, leads, clients, customers without the horrors of cold calling. You are also provided with many opportunities to promote your service/product; meet owners or decision makers from other businesses, share and gain knowledge, ideas, experiences with others; meet potential service providers and other companies to form strategic alliances

We also involve speakers at our events but they are not the usual grey suited, monotone voiced flip chart presenters! Our speakers are informative, interesting and sometimes involve interaction!

On the social side we arrange excellent food, entertainment (in the background) to relax the atmosphere and there is always a licensed bar!

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