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360 Virtual Tours

360 spin can provide you with anything from one 360 image up to a full virtual tour web site. We can incorporate 360 images into your existing web or create a web site from scratch.

360 images can also be used on CD Roms and for presentations, trade shows which we provide in house. Another application we can provide is e-brochures, which are emailable interactive brochures containing your virtual tour images, text and links to your web site.

We are happy to work with other web design companies in the provision of virtual tours for clients, please call to talk about your requirements.

The 360 images come in 3 different formats - with each format containing a low, medium and high resolution image.

1. Java version
Suitable for web sites all code provided No plug in required

2. Macromedia Shockwave w3d File
Integrate the images into a Shockwave applications.

3. Quick Time
High Resolution version – suitable for presentations

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360 Spin - 360 x 360 virtual tour photography, web Site design, CDROM services, ipix virtual tours - cheshire, manchester, UK

360 Spin our 360° x 360° virtual tour photography allows users to tour property with complete 360° vision.
Allowing potential clients to clearly see why they are buying your products or services.

Telephone: 0161 610 9360
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