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Overture Pay Per Click - PPC

  overture ppc Overture UK claims to reach more than 85% of UK Internet users on leading Web portals and search engines. Overture UK can get you listed on the majority of the leading UK search engines and portals, including; AOL UK, Ask Jeeves, Wanadoo, Lycos, MSN UK, Tiscali and many more.
With Overture, you bid for placement in search listings and set the price you're willing to pay for each referral. Unlike banner ads you don't pay for impressions you only pay for users that actually click through to your site.
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What we do - RESEARCH

  • Client suggests 5 – 10 words they would like to be found under in the search results.

  • Estimates are given, as to the number of times the phrase is searched for in a month and other relevant phrases suggested. Typically key phrase research will highlight anything from 50 to 300 key phrases for you to choose from.

  • Figures provided on how much it would cost to achieve third position and how many companies are competing for a phrase.

  • Recommendations given as to which phrases would provide the best results.

  • Client makes the final decision on which phrases they would like to be positioned under in Overture.


Once phrases are agreed we will:

  • Create your account

  • Write the descriptions

  • Finalise the keywords (Up to 25 keywords)

  • Send through the information to Overture.

  • Provide training in monitoring and updating accounts ( if required ).


  • Gives you exposure in the top search engines within 7 working days.

  • Allows you to be listed under any key phrase or keyword related to your business.

  • The client management system allows you to keep up to date with the phrases that are providing your website with the most traffic.

  • A specialist team will provide you with key phrase research, giving figures of how many times phrases are searched for and how much it will cost to be number one. A specialist will write the descriptions and set up the campaign for you, providing recommendations on the best phrases to be listed under.


How many phrases can I be listed under?
We will initially set up a maximum of 25 phrases. You will be able to set up more, once the account has been set up.

How long will the budget last?
It is very difficult to place a figure on this, as it will depend on how popular the phrases are and how much you are bidding for the phrase. In our experience with bids at £0.12 a £100 budget can last as long as 4 months.

Can I add more money to the campaign?
You will be able to add more money to your account whenever you want.

Who will manage the campaign?
We will set the account up, once your account is live you will be able to manage the campaign. You will be responsible for checking your account regularly to make sure you are not paying too much for click throughs, and to check the effectiveness of the campaign.

What will happen when the £100 account budget runs out?
The account will become dormant once the £100 budget runs out, you are able to top the account up before this happens.

What is the least amount I can bid?
The minimum you can bid in Overture UK is £0.10, Overture Com $0.10 and with Espotting it is £0.10. All Overture UK accounts will be required to spend a minimum of £20 in click-through charges each month.

What happens if someone keeps clicking on my listing?
Overture, Google and Espotting use a number of methods to ensure that all clicks are genuine. For security reasons, the search engines do not disclose details of this protection.

What happens in case of a tied bid?
The search engines work on a first come, first served basis. So when 2 or more advertisers* bid the same price on the same keyword for the same position, the submission they receive first will automatically achieve the higher ranking.

*Advertiser a person or company who has also set up a PPC account.

Will I be told when I lose position?
You will not be told when you have been out bid, it is up to clients to regularly check their account.

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