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  Google Pay Per Click - PPC
  Google Pay Per Click  PPC

Google Adwords is one of the world’s largest search advertising programmes, currently used by more than 150,000 business to cost effectively gain new customers. It’s called pay per click advertising, which means you only pay when users visit your website.

Bidding starts at 5p a click, and you will never exceed the maximum price that you set.
Your adwords are displayed on Google, you are also able to opt for broader distribution through Google search partners including Ask Jeeves, Virgin, Blueyonder, BT Openworld and NTL.

Google Pay Per Click  PPC

  • Client suggests 5 – 10 words they would like to be found under in the search results.

  • Estimates are given, as to the number of clicks the phrase will obtain in a day, average cost per click and cost per day to achieve first position.

  • Other relevant phrases will be suggested.

  • Recommendations given as to which phrases are likely to provide the best results.

  • Client makes the final decision on which phrases they would like to be positioned under in Google.


Once phrases are agreed we will:

  • Create your account

  • Write the descriptions

  • Finalise the keywords (Up to 20 keywords)

  • Send through the information to Google.

  • Provide training in monitoring and updating accounts.

It is the clients responsibility to login and regularly check their account.


  • Gives you exposure in the number one search engine within 24 hours.

  • Allows you to be listed under any key phrase or keyword related to your business. N.B for some desired keywords the cost to be listed in Google may be too high.

  • The client management system allows you to keep up to date with the phrases that are providing your website with the most traffic.


How many phrases can I be listed under?
We will initially set up a maximum of 20 phrases. You will be able to set up more, once the account has been set up.

How long will the budget last?
With Google it is very difficult to place a figure on this, as it will depend on how popular the phrases are, how competitive your industry is and how much you are bidding for the phrase.

Can I add more money to the campaign?
You will be able to add more money to your account whenever you want.

Who will manage the campaign?

We will set the account up, once your account is live you will be able to manage the campaign. You can oe we be responsible for checking your account regularly to make sure you are not paying too much for click throughs, and to check the effectiveness of the campaign.

What is the least amount I can bid?
The minimum you can bid in Google is £0.10p


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