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Pay Per Click PPC - Qualified Web Visitors for Literally Pennies
Pay per click is an extremely effective marketing tool. It aims to bring the most qualified, and the most targeted traffic to your website. The purpose of a website is not just as an online leaflet.

A website should attract buyers to your products or services. Pay per click provides an amazing way to attract those most likely to purchase to your website and do so ahead of your competitors.

How does it work?
When people are looking for products or services through search engines the keyword they enter determines which websites are displayed in the resulting list. Those that appear in the top positions are those which have bid highest for the keyword you entered. Every time their site is entered through this search they pay the amount they have bid to be in that position. The business bidding highest has their website listed first.

This is the only guaranteed way to maintain desired position in the search engines.

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Why is it so Effective?
It is so effective because it is possible to bid for very specific keywords meaning the traffic that pay per click generates is exceptionally qualified and cost effective. For example an accountant in Sheffield bids for keywords such as ‘Accountant Sheffield,’ and ‘Accountant in Sheffield.’ As these are very niche, specific keywords people searching the internet using these keywords are likely to be purchasers as opposed to just surfing speculatively. Furthermore because these keywords are so niche there are unlikely to be many, if any, competitors bidding for these words meaning they are extremely cheap to bid for.

Because we report in depth about account statistics and effectiveness the success of a PPC account is never subjective but provable and measurable. Furthermore unlike traditional advertising and marketing methods we can accurately anticipate campaign results and costs (e.g. we can tell you how many people will receive your messages or viewed your services through your website and what those people were searching for to get to your website.)

We can also tailor account activity to seasonal fluctuations in product or service demand as well other bidding strategies to maximise account effectiveness.

  How it works - PPC Set up and Management

PPC Campaign Setup
This includes thorough keyword research and analysis using our clients knowledge of his/her business and our experience and tools. We identify as many potentially profitable target keywords as possible.

Developing effective advertising copy
Each PPC adgroup is setup with adcopy that best targets the keywords in that adgroup

Setting up your PPC account.
Determining an appropriate budget based on PPC estimates and your budget allotments.

Campaign Management Fee
£25 - £75 per month

This includes:
Monitoring your PPC campaign for impression and click through effectiveness.

Adjust your keywords and ad copy to maintain effectiveness.
Provide PPC consultant services as required.

These costs DO NOT include:

The actual "click" charges.
PPC Search Engine Companies will invoice these directly to the account owner via credit card payment.

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