Services - How does 360 photography work?

We use special fish eye lens cameras which take panoramic photographs of the scene giving a 360 degree image which allows the online visitor to look at the image from every direction, in a seamless fashion.

The result is a true representation of what the online visitor sees in high definition colour, bringing out the accuracy of the detail within every shot. The resulting images are suitable for online and offline formats.

But taking images is just one part. The next requires the compatibility with your website. Our images fit comfortably onto your website in a Java-compatible format, requiring no plugin or QuickTime VR. The result is a virtual tour of the hotel, apartment, school, retail outlet, or whatever in high resolution imagery on your website.

Our pricing includes the 360 photographic shoot plus a CD to integrate the images on your website with recourse to a web designer. We can tailor both the image and the design to your requirements.

We can discuss your particular requirements over the phone or my meeting and provide a written quotation for the work to be undertaken.

360 degree photography can be used for offline promotional material such as exhibition or for display in head quarters foyers or offices – whatever your needs in this area, 360 Spin can supply them.

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Our 360 virtual tour photography allows users to tour property with complete 360 degree vision. Allowing potential clients to clearly see why they should visit and use you! 360 Virtual Tour

Full Screen 360 QuickTime VR Photography

We are one of the few companies in the UK who can offer Full Screen Quick Time VR You can also print high quality images from this option.

All new Virtual Tour work is now delivered in Flash >

Remote Control Helicopter - Aerial Photography
Cost effective radio controlled helicopter, capable of flying or hovering almost anywhere. Aerial Photography

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