Vans were proud to open the first European flagship store in Carnaby Street, London in December 2003. Vans already operates seven discounted stores in the UK, Austria and Spain, but this is the only Vans owned full price store in the whole of Europe.

The 3,500 square foot store features men’s, women’s, and kid’s footwear, apparel and accessories and offers exclusive Limited Edition product and exclusive clothing lines along with each full seasonal range.

The store opened back in December 2003 with great celebrations, including a customised classic slip-on exhibition and charity auction, with slip-on’s designed by celebrity Vans fans such as Stella McCartney, Liam Gallagher and Motorhead, a massive party with tunes provided by the Propellerhead’s Will White, an in-store signing from LostProphets and a mini-ramp skate demo attended by Vans luminaries such as Tony Alva, Geoff Rowley, Jim Greco and the UK’s own Danny Wainwright.

Watch out for a similar programme of exciting events coming up in 2006...





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