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Make free phone calls to anywhere in the world with a VoIP Skype compatible phone!

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There's no monthly line rental, no BT line required and no limit to the amount of free minutes per month! All you need to pay out is this one-off payment for the phone! Even the software is included in the price!

So how does this work? In a nutshell, it basically makes calls through your internet connection, the same way as an an email or instant message works. 

When you send a message on MSN messenger or a similar message programme your computer instantly sends that message data to the person on the other end of the conversation. And it's obviously free. Skype handsets work the same way, only instead of typing the data you just speak it! It sends your voice as data, so it's still free!You also get the benefit of seeing who is online, are able to send instant messages (perfect for a long web address or something) and have the option of subscribing to a voicemail account, so it's basically an all in one communications tool!

SkypeIN technology is another clever feature!

You can set up a 'landline' number anywhere in the world for a monthly fee of about £3. This means that your friends in that country can call you on a local rate using their normal phone, saving them loads and forever stopping them from using the "it's too expensive to call you" excuse! So, if you have loads of friends who live in New York, simply set up a landline number in New York and they can call you whenever they want from New York at a local call rate! Fantastic! Of course, they can call you for free if they get  themselves a Skype phone!

So, you can call some people for free, all the others for not a lot, and they can call you for free or not a lot as well! Brilliant!

The Yamamoto VoIP phone (Voice Over Internet Protocol if you're interested!) is a fully featured USB Skype compatible phone with integrated LCD screen. 

The integrated LCD display shows you who you are calling and has a recall function and a call log. It rings just like a standard phone as well! Not only that, it's the smallest VoIP phone with LCD display on the market.




skype telephonesskype phones
Skipe is a little program for making free phone calls over the internet to anyone else who also has Skype.

It’s free and easy to download and use, and works with most computers and these telephones.

Make free phone calls to anywhere in the world with this VoIP Skype compatible telephone.

skype phones & Telephones
Skype phones and telephones

Speaking to other Skype subscribers via a PC is totally FREE. The only catch is that they need to be have a Skype phone their end. "So what if I want to call a normal landline number?" we hear you ask! Well, this is the clever part.

Using the SkypeOUT technology you can also call landlines and mobiles all over the world at a fraction of the normal price (such as Australia landlines at just over 1p a minute - click here for a full list of rates). All you need to do is easily top up your Skype phone in the same way that you would a pay-as-you-go mobile and you can talk until the credit runs out!

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