• Cyberphone K
  • Voice activated dialling – simply say your Skype contact name to connect the call
  • Voicemail alerts
  • Phone rings when calls are received – choose your ringing tones
  • Works perfectly with Skype – lift the handset and the Skype window opens on screen
  • Artificial side tone injection brings real phone sound
  • Echo cancellation technology ensures calls are crystal clear
  • LED’s indicate connection status and off hook condition
  • Powered by the USB – no sound card required
  • 2m USB cable length
  • Windows 2000 & Windows XP compatible
  • MAC compatible (can be used as a normal handset) the driver for full functionality will be available soon.






Cyberphone K

Description: A wonderful way to Skype, just like using a regular telephone. The Cyberphone K is a two-piece handset and base powered by the USB on the PC. Access and use Skype direct from the telephone and benefit from unique features including: voice activated dialling and voicemail alerts.

Push everything else aside while you chat for free to your online Skype friends wherever they are in the world.

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