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Make life easier with a great mortgage and special deals

The mortgage you took out when you bought your home might not seem like the best deal for you now, especially considering the changes seen in the UK housing market. That’s why we make it easy for new customers to re mortgage.

When you re mortgage with us, you may be able to take advantage of our free Mortgage Transfer Service*, which allows you to re mortgage your home without the cost and legal hassles that some mortgage lenders charge for. You will not need a solicitor so you won’t have to pay legal fees on your re mortgage. Instead, the paperwork will be handled by a company who are legal administration specialists. All you have to do is check and sign the documents they send to you and return them as soon as possible.

There is a fee for additional services such as registering your change of name or getting a ‘Deed of Postponement’. The service may not apply for complex cases such as transfers of equity. Of course, you’re free to get your own legal advice if you want to, but you’d have to pay the bills for that. You may also incur early repayment charges with your existing lender, so its always worth checking the terms and conditions of your current mortgage.

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Remortgage Loans - Thinking about moving your mortgage?

When you are looking for a remortgage loan, there are many deals available across the UK from different mortgage lenders. It could be in your interest to find out what remortgages are available, enabling you to make an informed decision on the best remortgage loan for your needs. Remortgage loans are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, which means that you have a wide choice of remortgage offers available.

We offer a range of remortgage loans for UK customers. If you are looking for a new mortgage lender, we can help you choose which mortgage is right for you. We will also support you through the process of applying for a remortgage loan, highlighting any extra costs and what information you will need to provide.

Additional benefits when you remortgage

Our offer remortgage loans, and when you apply, depending on the remortgage deal you chose, you may be eligible for extra discounts and benefits. All our remortgage loans, including those which are available, are only available to residents of the UK.

When you take out a remortgage loan with us, you could be eligible to take advantage of the following type of benefits. Please note these offers are subject to change and eligibility:

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