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High Definition HDTV

Market research suggests that more than 4.5 million households in Europe will switch on to HDTV by 2008.

HDTV gives superior quality images compared with standard definition TV images, but they need to be filmed on special cameras. The HDTV market is associated with expensive flat-panel televisions. But HD signals can also be received for about one-third of the price on HD-capable cathode ray tube sets, which are forecast to form the bulk of sales in Europe.

Viewers also have to buy an HD-compatible set-top box.

High Definition Televisions - Plasma TV's and LCD TV's HDTV

High-definition television (HDTV), already available in five markets around the world, is set to take off in Europe next year!

High Definition Televisions HDTV

TV industry executives in Amsterdam for the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), Europe's biggest broadcasting trade show, say HDTV could also prove a bonanza for consumer electronics manufacturers as the European market appears ready to accept the new technology.