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This bean bag offers unbeatable comfort!

The Big One is a moldable, stretchy blob of fun that conforms to your body's every curve. This bean bag includes a durable yet soft designer cover, and an inner cover filled with micro beads, all made with unmatched design and quality. The outer cover is made of Egyptian cotton blended Lycra, and the inner cover is made of cotton blended Lycra. They are available in various colors, one of which is sure to match your style.

You can use it as a sofa chair by standing it vertically (yes, it can balance on its end!) placing your back to it, and stepping into it backwards. Use it as a bed by laying it horizontally and jumping into it in whatever position you like.

If you would like to seat more people use it as a couch, you can add The Mamba, a long tubular body pillow, to your purchase and use it as a backrest.

In accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, this bean bag features a resealable safety closure. The closure seals each zipper and protects children from the age of 12 and younger.

We offer a wide selection of quality Bean Bags
Beanbag Chair and Soft Furnishings at competitive prices, manufactured in a variety of styles, sizes and colours using only the highest quality materials from around the globe.

Big Bean Bag

Commercial Quality Bean Bag chairs for adults as well as smaller beanbags for kids.

Eliminate all the stress and tension of your day as you sink into the most versatile beanbag ever designed!

Our unique new pear-shaped design makes our HUGE beanbag chairs comfortable for adults as well as kids. This is not just a beanbag ... it is 3 chairs in 1!