Virtual Tour Frequently Asked Questions

To view the360 Virtual Tours is a basic PC or Mac running an industry standard Java enabled web browser such as
Explorer or Firefox


Flash content reaches 99.0% of Internet viewers

and is our preffered format to deliver virtual tours in.

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QuickTime QTVR
To View the Full Screen QuickTime QTVR
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DevalVR is a very small plugin (216kb) which can show QTVR Movies in fullscreen. PC Only.
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How long does it take for a producer to shoot a 360 Spin virtual tour?
It usually takes just over an hour for a photographer to shoot a virtual tour of 4 scenes.
We ask that you have the property ready for filming at the time of the appointment.

May I decide what interior and exterior shots I want in my 360 Spin virtual tour?
Yes, you may choose any scenes or rooms to be represented in the virtual tour of each property.
Exterior shots are weather permitting.

Do I have to be present when the photographer is shooting my 360 Spin virtual tour?
No, you don't have to be present during the shooting of your virtual tour, provided you have made prior arrangements for the photographer to have access to the property or facility.

Do I have to buy any cameras or software to get Virtual Tours?
No, 360 Spin Virtual Tours are a 100% end-to-end service.
360 Spin capture, process, host and distribute. We do all the work.

Will viewers have to download additional software to view my 360 Spin virtual tours?
No, viewers do not have to download any additional software to view 360 Spin virtual tours.
All you need is a basic PC or Mac running an industry standard Java enabled web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox.
Contact us if you need more information

How do I address security issues with a private property/ location?
License plates, street numbers and names, and identifying signs are routinely erased from a scene during the processing stage to ensure anonymity. Moreover, at your request, personal effects (photographs, paintings, etc.) can be "edited out" to further protect the privacy of the home seller.
360 Spin do not use the house/flat number in identifying your Virtual Tour.

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