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Rebuilding the Past

Until now, it has been impossible to really explore a true-to-life Roman villa. That was until we began to recreate one at Butser Farm, Hampshire. Now you can share the experience of going back in time by entering our unique 360° virtual tour of the villa as it's being constructed in Rebuilding the Past.

The Rebuilding the Past series on Discovery Channel documents the construction of an entire Roman villa on a site in the depths of the Hampshire countryside. The series tracks the highs and lows of this ambitious archaeological project filled with the stories of the individuals involved.

We follow the team as they make sense of the evidence that exists and try out the Romans’ own techniques and theories, the hard way. But at the end of this large-scale project, they will have constructed a complete Roman building, the closest anyone will get to experiencing a Roman villa.


Discovery Channel - World Archipelago BAFTA award-winning London web agency,  commissioned 360 Spin to photograph a roman villa for a virtual tour project for The Discovery Channel. 

360 Spin's friendly and efficient personnel had an immediate understanding of the project, which needed to tie in with a micro site created in-house at WAI.

As well as supplying vivid and absorbing photography, which adhered precisely to the brief,  360 spin provided all the necessary technical expertise and advice to ease WAI through the process of adding the photography to our micro site.

Their services were invaluable and competitively priced, and resulted in a brilliant micro site that prompted an enthusiastic and laudatory response from Discovery.<

Charles Donovan
World Archipelago (WAI)



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A Roman Villa has been built in the UK for the first time in over 1600 years, rediscovering techniques developed by the Romans and using the same materials they would have used.

Using evidence from archaeological digs and information taken from paintings and writings of the era, in addition to a great deal of trial and error, the team painstakingly built the Roman Villa at Butser Farm. Their success in doing so is testament to their dedication and determination, working around the clock whatever the weather.

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