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B of the Bang Manchester - Britain's Tallest Sculpture

B of the Bang

Linford Christie Official Opening of B of the Bang

Linford Christie Official Opening of B of the Bang




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B of the Bang - Britain's Tallest Sculpture
B of the Bang is a competition winning sculpture for the City of Manchester Stadium where the 2002 Commonwealth Games were hosted, now the home of Manchester City Football Club.
The tallest sculpture in the UK, it is inclined at an angle of thirty degrees from the vertical and represented a major challenge
in both construction and engineering.

The B of the Bang sculpture was commissioned by urban regeneration company New East Manchester Limited to mark the success of the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester.
A panel including experts and local residents selected B of the Bang, designed by Thomas Heatherwick Studio.

The name 'B of the Bang' is inspired by Olympic Gold Medal winning sprinter Linford Christie, who said that he started his race on the B of the Bang.

The spikes are hollow and as light as possible,while the five supporting legs are made from thick heavy steel, although visually identical to the other spikes. At the centre of the sculpture is a complex core from which all of the spikes radiate.
It is made of a special type of steel that will weather to varying degrees over the surface of the sculpture.

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